Many drugs benefit from being administered in dosage forms that do not release the drug immediately upon entering the fluid in the stomach. As an example, acid-sensitive drugs may benefit from dosage forms that do not dissolve in the acid environment of the stomach, but only after reaching the intestine, where the pH is higher. Certain drugs may be better absorbed, or exhibit fewer side effects when administered in dosage forms that dissolve slowly over time.

Formex has extensive experience in the development and manufacture of a wide range of controlled-release dosage forms to maximize drug absorption and minimize side effects.

Dosage forms can be designed to release drugs over time at predetermined rates, after a certain time after ingestion, or to release drugs under intestinal pH versus gastric pH.

Among the approaches we have successfully developed include:

  • Matrix tablets that erode and release drug over time.
  • Coatings for tablets, capsules or beads that release drugs after a certain time or under desired pH conditions.
  • Hot-melt extrudates in polymers that dissolve slowly or under desired pH conditions.

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