Formex CSO Blair West and Synthetic Biologics Product Development Consultant Vince Wacher Discuss a Case Study on Development and Manufacturing of Synthetic Biologics SYN-010 for Clinical Evaluation in IBS-C


Formex will be hosting an AAPS Seminar on Wednesday, October 28th from 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM in room #1!
Join our esteemed speakers, J. Blair West, Chief Scientific Officer, and Vince Wacher, Product Development Consultant, as they discuss new trends in dosage formulation technologies and the challenges of finding a quality CMO partner in today’s ever-changing currents. Both Blair and Vince will be hosting a Q&A after the seminar and will happily share their insights with all the new and familiar faces at AAPS this year!
J. Blair West has been with Formex since 2013, bringing with him 25 years of industry experience. Before Formex, Dr. West was VP of Pharmaceutical Operations at PharmaForm, Senior VP of Formulations and CTM Manufacturing at AzoPharma, and Director of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at Bend Research. Dr. West holds an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry from Harvard and received his PhD in Bio-Organic Chemistry from Texas A&M.Vince Wacher PhD is an entrepreneurial biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry professional with over 20 year’s experience successfully leading corporate strategy, partnering, research, product development, and intellectual property programs for start-ups, small companies, and new business units within large companies. Dr. Wacher is currently consulting to both Synthetic Biologics, Inc. (NYSE MKT: SYN) and Formex LLC in the development of specialty oral products for different indications. Prior to his current roles, Dr. Wacher was the CEO of Verva Pharmaceuticals Ltd., where he advanced a repurposed medicine to successful Phase 2 clinical testing in type 2 diabetes. Dr. Wacher was previously a Drug-Delivery Systems Consultant for Eastman Chemical Company (NYSE: EMN), Director of Corporate Development at Ontogen Corporation, and Director of Drug Metabolism at AvMax, Inc. Dr. Wacher holds an undergraduate degree in Chemistry from UNSW Australia and received his PhD from the University of California, Berkeley. He is also a Registered US Patent Agent.
Formex is a pharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing organization focusing on oral and topical dosage forms. Located in San Diego, CA, Formex specializes in bio-availability enhancement of small-molecule APIs, offering innovative formulation technologies such as spray-dry dispersion and hot-melt extrusion. Formex’s array of formulation and analytical services include pre-formulation, API characterization, formulation development, analytical method development, stand-alone analytical testing, ICH stability and storage testing, and cGMP manufacturing.

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