Formex Acquires Gerteis MINI-PACTOR™ and Korsch XL 100™

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Formex, LLC (“Formex”), a contract drug development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), has introduced the Gerteis MINI-PACTOR™ and the Korsch XL 100™ to Formex’s growing portfolio of GMP manufacturing capabilities. These new additions will improve tableting processes at Formex from development through cGMP manufacturing of high quality products.

The Gerteis MINI-PACTOR™, a top-of-the-line roller compactor, offers one of the best compaction technologies for producing dry granulated powders. The MINI-PACTOR’s compaction capabilities will densify and improve poor-flowing materials such as spray dried amorphous dispersions, and improve overall efficiency in the development of poorly soluble compounds. The operational range of the MINI-PACTOR will support 10 g feasibility batches through cGMP pilot-scale manufacture, ensuring that quality is built into the product throughout early phase development and manufacturing at Formex.

The Korsch XL 100™ Instrumented Tablet Press will provide compression force analytics that are critical for robust tablet formulation development and will allow for real-time process monitoring during manufacturing operations. These metrics will complement our existing tablet development capabilities, speeding formulation development, scale-up and manufacture.

Together, these machines will complement solubility enhancement technologies at Formex by not only generating high quality downstream products, but also by providing the data to ensure that these products are readily scalable for future phases of product development and commercial manufacture.

“The expanded capabilities are a great example of our initiative to add state-of-the-art technology that continues to deliver real value to our clients,” says Cyrus Mirsaidi. “The MINI-PACTOR and the XL 100 will greatly improve production time, increase overall capacity, and expand upon our existing capabilities in oral drug delivery techniques.”

About Formex
Formex is a dosage formulation and manufacturing company specializing in bioavailability enhancement and controlled release technologies for the pharmaceutical industry. Formex offers an array of services that focus on bringing client compounds to the clinic, including pre-formulation development, analytical method development, analytical testing, and cGMP clinical trial manufacturing.

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